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This ITN will train 11 early-stage (ESR) and 4 experienced researchers (ER) in the production of novel bioactive compounds based on fungal synthetic biology. Interdisciplinary and intersectorial biotechnological research ranging from modelling, network analysis, systems biology (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics), molecular biology (fungal genetics and biochemistry) to synthetic biology methods.
Scientific education and the demands of industry are different. Therefore, industrial partners provide secondments and training modules to share their industry experience with the trainees.

The structured training programme is shown in the tables below for each year.


Training events
Lead   Venue
Seminar on "Professional Responsibilities in Collaborative Projects" Technical University Denmark    Seville, ECFG12
Summer School "Quantitative biology: From Cell to Process" Technische Universität Berlin   Berlin, 21-25 July
Workshop "Bioinformatics for Secondary Metabolites Discovery" Kiel University   Kiel, 18-20 November

The Summer School "Quantitative biology: From Cell to Process" is compulsory for all fellows.


Training events                                                                                                        
Lead   Venue                       
Workshop “Metabolic engineering for filamentous fungi“ Technische Universität Berlin   Gothenburg, 14-19 June
Summer school “Quantitative biology: From Cell to Process” Technische Universität Berlin   Berlin, 20-24 July
Workshop “Advanced fermentation of filamentous fungi“ University of Debrecen   Debrecen, 7-11 September
Workshop “Proteomics and Metabolomics“ University of Göttingen, Hans-Knöll-Institute   Jena, 19-23 October
Master class "Synthetic Biology of Antibiotics Discovery" University of Groningen   Groningen, 23 November
Course "Communication and presentation skills" University of Groningen   Groningen, 23 November
Workshop “Synthetic biology for SM activation“ University of Groningen   Groningen, 23 November


Training events
Seminar “Working with industry” DSM Delft, Feb 2017
Seminar “Entrepreneurship” DSM  Delft, Feb 2017
2nd EMBO-ESF Conference on synthetic biology of antibiotics discovery and production University of Groningen, DSM  Delft,